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Business Opportunity | Israel | 98585 | 4/16/2019

Agricultural Equipment: Plastic Pipes, Pumps, Generators, Fertilizers

For an agricultural project in the Cape Verde Islands, the following equipment is needed including quotes:


  1. White PVC pipe 4" (101.6mm) Unit price for 3 or 6 meters long (total 500 meters(
  2. Suitable adhesive for connecting between pipes, UV resistant, price per liter
  3. L and L fitting connections, unit price
  4. PVC grey pipe diameter 40 mm (1.5 inches) Price meter length + connections and adapters
  5. Protection channel for 40 mm pipe, resistance to the sun, price per meter running
  6. PVC ball valve size 1" (25.4 mm) and also 2" (50.8 mm) Price per unit white color
  7. 2000 liter container with 2" output (50.8 mm) 2x face (two built-in ports) Price per unit UV resistant
  8. Container for diesel 100 cubic meter container floating in water


  1. Pump with 10,000 liters/ hour
  2. External pump + external buoy power 5000 liters / hour

GeneratorGenerating 10,000 W/hour diesel fuel

Nylon grids: Low density nylon mesh, 75 meters long on a height of 2 meters x 3

Fertilizers: Fertilizers 20-20-20 and 20-10-10 in waterproof bags 50 kg per unit Price per unit

Potential Partners: Manufacturers and suppliers of the above mentioned equipment.

Target countries: Portugal.

Company info:

Year of establishment: 2019
No. of employees:          2

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    Export to Israel, Joint Ventures
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    Metals, Rubber, Plastic and Raw Materials, Agriculture
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