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Mr Ze'ev Lavie
VP, International Relations and Business Development
Tel: +972-3-5631018
E-mail: zeevl@chamber.org.il

Ms Sharon Mermelstein
Deputy Director, Europe & EEN
Tel: +972-3-5631021
Email: sharonc@chamber.org.il

Ms Inbar Stein
Business Development Executive
Latin America & Africa
Tel: +972-72-2211704
E-mail: inbars@chamber.org.il

Ms Shlomit Simhon
Business Development Executive
North America & Middle East
Tel: +972-3-5631017
E-mail: shlomits@chamber.org.il

Mr Or Nehushtan
Business Development Executive
Asia & Pacific
Tel: +972-73-2113295
E-mail: orn@chamber.org.il

Ms May Saporta
Business Development Executive
North America
Tel: +972-3-5631013
E-mail: Mays@chamber.org.il

Ms Valeri Skomorovsky
Customer Success Manager
Tel: +972-72-2211701

Ms Yonat Keren
Executive Secretary
Tel: +972-3-5631020
E-mail: yonatk@chamber.org.il

Ms Marsha Yamin
Executive Secretary
Tel: +972-3-5631019
E-mail: marshay@chamber.org.il

Fax No. International Division: 972-3-5619027

84 Hahashmonaim St.
Tel Aviv 67132, Israel
P. O. Box 20027, Tel Aviv 61200, Israel
Tel: 972-3-563-1020
Fax: 972-3-561-9027
E-Mail : Chamber@chamber.org.il


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