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Our Services

The FICC provides services to members in a range of areas: business networking, detection of new markets, business opportunities, companies information, local and international tenders, likewise encounters with representatives of international trade missions, approval of documents and certificates, rules and regulations on international trade, preliminary legal advice, labor relations and wage, economic advice, taxation, business courses, goods and benefits and professional forums.

International Trade & Business Services

As part of its policy to foster international trade links, the FICC offers the following services to its members:

  • Assistance in developing business relations in international markets.
  • Hosting incoming and arranging outgoing trade missions with coordination of individual business meetings.
  • Fostering contacts with foreign embassies in Israel and with Israeli embassies abroad.
  • Offering Business Opportunities Database for new business opportunities, including import, export, joint ventures and investments.
  • Organizing seminars in various fields of international trade.
  • Providing letters of recommendation for members interested in developing and expanding their business abroad.
  • Letters of support for the issue of visas and assistance to foreign guests with security procedures at airport.

Additional Services

  • Certifying various international and commercial documents  as well certificates of origin and operating the ATA Carnet.
  • Business data for identifying and matching suppliers in Israel and abroad with updated global commercial information.
  • Information on tenders, trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • The Federation's BusinessCollege offers an extensive range of training seminars such as import, export, logistics and purchases.
  • Documentation and international trade regulations; International law and labor; import procedures; standardization; taxation and economic issues; legal matters; maritime and airfreight.

Contact Us

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