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Business Opportunity | Israel | 95809 | Export to Israel | 1/27/2019

Natural, Organic or Roasted Hazelnuts from USA

Representing the largest grower and processor of natural, organic, and roasted hazelnuts in the USA.

The Pacific Northwest’s perfect blend of temperate climate, rich volcanic soils, and mountain waters, come together to create full-flavored hazelnuts sought throughout the world.

Whether it is paste or praline, inshell, whole kernels, meal, flour, sliced or diced, our flavorful hazelnuts are trending in a variety of new and traditional foods: cookies, candies, cakes and chocolates, cereals, biscotti, breads and pasta, beverages, butters, spreads and more!

Bold food visionaries are finding new ways to explore how the flavor of hazelnuts elevates their offerings, from sweet to savory!

With over 14 varieties of locally-grown hazelnuts, we will work with you to get your precise needs and specifications. All our processed hazelnuts are available natural or roasted, and packaging varies from 25lb boxes to super sacks.

Potential Partners: Retail, Industrial, Food Service, Wholesale, Bulk, and Private Label.

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    Export to Israel
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    Food, Beverages and Catering
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