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Business Opportunity | Israel | 92847 | 10/25/2018

Special Missions Cars, Sophisticated Solutions, Installation in Vehicles, Security Surveys, Debugging Services

The company focuses on the design, engineering and integration of special mission vehicles that are completely tailored to their customer’s tactical and strategic requirements. For over 28 years, the company has worked with leading HLS, law enforcement, intelligence, security and military agencies around the world, to provide the most innovative and effective solutions in an increasingly complex environment. The company's vehicles are designed and built to the most demanding quality standards, with extreme attention to detail, including ergonomics, comfort and mobility.

Although the company's vehicles cannot be distinguished from other cars on the road, they are fitted with sophisticated intelligence and C2 equipment that enables them to effectively execute their missions without arousing suspicion. All of the vehicle’s equipment can be manufactured in the company's facilities, and then delivered and installed on-site.

The company's team brings a wide range of benefits and advantages into every solution that they offer as part of their extensive on- the- ground experience in Israeli intelligence and security agencies. They provide complete versatility, a broad knowledge of planning and integration, insights into automation and MMI, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering expertise.

The company has a proven track record of qualitative, discreet and superb customer service. Deployed across the globe, the company's is proud of its long-standing relationship with prestigious Tier-1 customers, in both the government and HLS sectors.

Selected customers in Israel include: Israel Ministry of Defence, Israel Defense Force, Israel Police and Border Control, Elbit Systems, Verint Systems, Israel Aircraft Industries, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Intel and Motorola.

The company's Advantages:

  • Highly specialized design, engineering and integration capabilities
  • Industry pioneer with an established track record of more than 28 years
  • Professional team with real-world security experience
  • A recognized leader within the HLS, security, law enforcement, intelligence, military communities.

Main Business Areas:

  1. Special Mission Vehicles - Covert, Multi-purpose Intelligence ‒ The company's covert, multi-purpose intelligence vehicle enables the streamlined execution of the most highly- complex surveillance missions.
  1. Observation and Reconnaissance - For comprehensive visual observation operations, the company's vehicle serves as a superb mobile observation post for long-range coverage. The vehicle effectively supports real-time cellular and/or satellite dissemination to remote HQ or monitoring units.
  1. Command, Control, Communication (C3) & Surveillance – Operating as a dual-purpose as it gathers information and functions as command center, the vehicles are equipped with sophisticated audio and visual intelligence equipment, as well as a full range of C2 equipment.
  1. VIP Jammer – The company's VIP Jammer is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that transmits unique noise signals to create a firewall ‒ effectively neutralizing and jamming wireless transmissions for remote explosive activation.
  1. CSI – The Company's Mobile Cyber Forensic Lab is fully-equipped for real-time retrieving, archiving and analyzing data stored on digital devices at any location.

Other Business Areas:

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) – For the wiretapping, detection, and monitoring field, the company creates protected areas safeguarded against illicit information theft, cyber and corporate espionage.

Critical facilities and infrastructure protection > Security training and surveys.

Potential Partners: Distributors and manufacturers of products for military, security and law enforcement forces.

Target countries: Worldwide.

Other Information:

Adhering to international quality standards, MIL.STD and other specialized standards is at the core of our activity and implemented in all our business operations.
Our product design and engineering follows strictly regulated internal procedures and processes that ensure that what we plan is up to standard.
As integrator of products by other manufactures in our original engineering and design, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art sophisticated equipment that is standard approved, tested and above all mission proven.
All products integrated in our design are chosen for optimized operations and enhancing the efficiency of our final products.
Products designed for military, security and law enforcement forces are compliant to all relevant MIL.STD requirements, for quality, engineering and functionality.

Company info:

Year of establishment: 1987
No. of employees:         40

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