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Business Opportunity | Israel | 88954 | 6/17/2019

Oil-on-Water detection and monitoring systems for environment protection

Israeli manufacturer of systems for oil sheen detection and monitoring systems, is looking for distributors in new regions in order to expand their customer base worldwide.

The company's sensors use a patented high-frequency, electromagnetic energy absorption technique. Each floating sensor houses a high-frequency transmitter and a receiving antenna which continuously monitors the liquid surface.

Our system consists of a wired or wireless signal processor and one or more sensors, depending on application needs. The sensors (certified as intrinsically safe) work in virtually any type of water. They continue to work even when coated with dirt or oil, thus eliminating false alarms. Our sensors are designed to perform for years and can be used to detect the interface between any two immiscible liquids with different absorption rates. In addition, they can differentiate between hydrocarbon and dry environment. No other oil sheen monitoring system does this. In light of increased awareness and enforcement of environmental protection regulations - our solution is critical to uphold the needed level of maintenance.

Potential Partners: We offer the products mainly to industrial end users worldwide either directly or through a network of distributors. The company is constantly looking for additional sales partners with relevant experience and access to potential end users and markets, for selling and giving technical support for Leakwise products. Our partner's role: Find new customers, find new applications, get information about relevant bids, get information about competitors in the territory, give customers excellent technical support and installation on site, help in increasing the reputation of the product line.

Target Countries: All post-Soviet states, and particularly Russia, India, Korea, Argentina.

Other Information

The company developed and continues to develop a series of oil-on-water detection and monitoring systems named Leakwise. The systems are installed worldwide in a variety of applications, where customers must monitor processes that involve many types of oils, and to monitor the water released from the process to the environment. Oil can be petroleum products, cooling oil, lubricating oil, edible oil, organic solvents, etc. Early detection of oil leaks or spills is achieved by using Leakwise systems, giving the ultimate solution to customers interested in avoiding expensive downtime, regulatory fines and cleanup cost.

The product line includes solutions for a wide range of applications, including monitoring in normally dry locations, monitoring oil layer thickness up to 200mm, monitoring in turbulent water, monitoring in deep wells, and more.The systems are easy to install and calibrate and require minimum maintenance. The systems are reliable and don’t give false alarms. They have local status indication and a connection to a central control room.

Company info:

Year of establishment: 1991
No.  of  employees:       8

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