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Business Opportunity | Israel | 86047 | 3/8/2018

Design Patent for Beer Consumption

Our firm holds the right for Design Patent registered in the USA and many other countries worldwide. The Design Patent is unique and innovative. We believe that craft beer brewery could benefit from the potential buzz and excitement that this type of product will create in the beer market. We trust the design to be a game changer in the beer industry evolution.  

Our Beerbong can be drunk in the classic manner and from the bottle as well. But when you want to celebrate, be happy and get a quick rush/buzz, you open the hole at the bottom of the bottle and straightaway knock back the excellent beer, and begin celebrating.

This is a superior blond lager beer produced in DAMM Group, Spain,  with unique brewery due to its use of raw materials and special brewing methods such as decoction mashing which is based on wort boiling and two-stage fermentation process. The result of this special production process – unique and quality beer.

Beerbong Features In A Nutshell:

  1. No more tubes or funnels
  2. Game changer - the next chapter in the beer evolution
  3. Cool and easy to use
  4. Beerbong drinking method in a single package, with no need for another device to enjoy funnelling
  5. High quality Spanish beer.  

Potential Partners: Large craft beer breweries.

Target Countries: All countries.

Company info:

Year of establishment: 2014
No.  of  employees:     1-10


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    Joint Ventures, Import From Israel
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    Food, Beverages and Catering
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