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Business Opportunity | Israel | 84022 | 1/11/2018

Traffic and Parking Control System

We are a leading traffic and parking control company. The company has been operating in the municipal arena for over 45 years, developing and introducing technology according to the demands required on field. "Falcon" is our company's Intelligent Traffic Control system, which is dedicated to moderate and big cities (100,000's to 2,000,000 residents).

We are looking for agents and distributors who operate in the fields of traffic control and maintenance and can sell Falcon-based projects to local municipalities, toll-road companies and national-road companies.

System Description

Falcon "Intelligent Traffic System" (ITS) is a control system which manages and operates interchanges and traffic-lights according to a defined functionality. The system’s main attributes include:

  1. Receiving real-time information from a variety of sensors found on the street, performing analysis and executing traffic plans either, automatically, semi-automatically, or manually.
  2. Management of the activity of each individual traffic-light.
  3. Providing priority and other functions to predefined users (emergency vehicles, public transportation).
  4. Allowing the different intersection to “connect together” to one unified system.

Among Falcon's functions:

  • Operation based on an easy to use yet highly secure HTML5 interface that can be operated using a simple home computer.
  • Connects and displays information from street-level sensors, traffic lights, etc.
  • Defines new interchanges using a simple drag-and-drop method. Can add endless control parameters and endless predefined plans.
  • Logs real time information, stores historical data and allows deep analysis.
  • Allows priority plans, green waves and management of special events.
  • Connects, operates and displays on-street cameras.
  • Can be integrated onto the city’s central control room.
  • The system is continuously upgraded. City specific requirements can be easily added.
  • Numerous city installations!

Falcon's unique approach:

A unique traffic control system which directly connects to almost all of the available infrastructure found on the street-level with no additional hardware. Falcon provides the high-level "control umbrella" to the street-level giving the traffic engineer an ability to design sophisticated traffic plans, priority scenarios, green-waves and other functions which were not available previously. This approach allows Falcon to be integrated and installed into almost any city, whether it is small or large allowing it to operate the traffic system in a "smart" way.  Falcon projects are low budget since no "on-street" hardware needs to be replaced. The only preparation that needs to be done is to provide the IP map the street-level controllers and streetlights, design the required traffic plan and allow the system to operate.

To sum:

  • Top --> Bottom approach: Can be connected to the city’s available infrastructure. No need to perform changes on the street level.
  • Semi-adaptive: Performs predefined programs from a single interchange and also allows adaptive interactions between multiple interchanges.
  • Highly Modular: Can be easily erected on a secure cellular network at 10’s of interchanges per week).
  • High Performance: very easy to install and use on both the traffic engineer and the traffic controller level.
  • Light Rail: can be used with integration with LTR identification system to execute priority plans between the LTR and cars.

Potential Partners:

  • Agents: allocate the correct individuals within the target market, "open doors".
  • Distributors: Same as agent but also accompany Ariel Wimasor in creating the requirement and project, find local partners for the implementation and maintenance of the project.
  • Companies which operate in the field of traffic and parking control: Perform all of the above – allocate the individuals in the market, create a pilot and a project, implementation and maintenance.

Target Countries: Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Thailand, Philippines, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and any other opportunity. 

Company info:

Year of establishment: 1971
No.  of  employees:     60


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