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Business Opportunity | Israel | 131803 | 4/11/2022

Autonomous Modular Solar Systems

The company's unique design and reliance on solar energy eliminates most of the infrastructure and energy costs, to the point of being the most economical, off-grid and environmentally friendly solution in the world.

The company's modular framework enables rapid deployment and expansion according to client’s needs. The scale of our product can range anywhere from autonomous village or hotel supply unit of 0.05m3/day to 10,000 m /day and beyond.

The technology is environmentally superior to all traditional desalination processes. These characteristics make our product ideal for Off-grid users devoid of infrastructure, power and budgeting for conventional desalination technologies. Agriculture, Industry, Tourism, Villages and Towns, Humanitarian Intervention: immediate aid relief.

Existing Clients of desalination processes, looking for rapid expansion and reduced costs. Suitable for treatment of Sea, Brackish & Contaminated.  

The company's modules are based on a patent pending technology. Each module is, essentially, a highly effective, autonomous mini solar system that exploits the sun’s energy directly to desalinate or treat water. Multiple modules are combined to achieve the desired total output. We do not use any membrane, do not produce brine, and do not emit any polluting substances to the atmosphere. The whole process is entirely green, and the material used in our system is recyclable. A perfect solution for communities and industries, especially in remote areas and places where electricity supply is not secured.

Potential Business Partners: Water companies, governments, solar companies, armies and NGO'S.

Target Countries: South America, Africa, India, China. 

Company Info:

Year of Establishment: 2014
No.   of Employees:       10

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