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Business Opportunity | Israel | 126818 | 11/21/2021

Computer Software - We make machines smarter with optional unlocking operational excellence and Deep Learning technology

Our Products:

  • DataMind AI –Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Quality & Root-cause Analysis
  • Inspection AI - Automated Visual Inspection, Visual Quality Diagnostic, Characteristics estimation.
  • VisualMind AI – Safety, Obstacle detection, 360 awareness.

Our company is reshaping industrial operations with AI, harnessing deep-learning neural networks, leveraging both Time-Series and Visual data. We provide Automated Predictive Maintenance and Diagnostic Quality solutions that can make any industrial operation more cost-efficient with increased throughputs, safety, quality & availability all in a more sustainable manner.

Our flagship product, DataMind AI, analyzes data from existing sensors, continuously learning patterns & typical behaviors. DataMind AI turns this data into actionable insights. Our Evolving-AI approach can handle any type of data & predict malfunctions, maximize asset availability, with the result of reduced planned and unplanned downtime.

The company is active in the Mining, Utilities and Manufacturing industries, and was awarded the Most Disruptive Technology Award for 2020 in the Mining sector, and one of 100 most promising AI companies globally.

Key benefits of working with our company:

  • Increased productivity & availability of high value assets.
  • Higher quality output, more efficiently.
  • A safer working environment for employees.
  • More sustainable manufacturing with less waste & emissions helping our clients max their goals.

Potential Business Partners: Large industrial companies active in:
-  Mining
-  Utilities – Power, Water, Gas.
-  Industry 4.0
-  Lithium-ion batteries

Target Countries: United States, Canada, Chile, Peru, Brazil, China. 

Company Info:

Year of Establishment: 2016
No.   of Employees:      100

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    Computers, Information, Communication
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