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Business Opportunity | Israel | 124714 | 8/15/2021

Renewable Energy, Carbon Farming, Genetics, Agro Technics, Advanced Bio-Fuels Production, non-GMO Proteins, Non-Edible Oils

Offer to partner in the first carbon plantations and advanced biofuels installations in Israel and the Arab Gulf region.

Our company, partnering under an Exclusive Partner Agreement with the state of Israel, is engaged in constructing smart, profitable carbon plantations as a source of green energy, advanced biofuels, renewable energy production and non-GMO protein.

We utilize innovative technology, following all the global standards for zero emissions, and offer each company a comprehensive, sustainable, practical solution of offsetting emissions and obtaining sufficient carbon credits.

Partnering with the State of Israel, the company has signed an agreement to create the first carbon plantation in Israel and develop varieties of oil and protein-rich energy trees and the best model for smart carbon plantation on poor soil and desert conditions.

This model will be the basis for high-scale plantations and projects worldwide.

We invite companies to cooperate and partner in our activities and secure future needs for carbon credits, advanced biofuels, raw biomaterials for the renewable energy and fuels sector, and non-GMO proteins.

Our company offers companies and brands a productive way to become 100% environmentally friendly, not pollutong the planet by cleaning all their emissions.

The plantations planted on poor soils do not compete with agricultural land sources. We are in the process of developing and preparing to register patents regarding a variety of products, the unique production processes, the exact model for smart carbon plantations, desert agrotechnical, and global registration of the PRIME ADVANCED GENETICS of our company and the State of Israel.

Other Information:

Areas of activity:

  1. Environmental Restoration:
    Carbon plantations restoring poor land for agricultural use, stopping desertification, restoring damaged ecosystems, absorbing CO2.
  2. Renewable energy:
    Renewable energy sources from non-food raw materials, with the entire supply chain, and production procedures, meeting all policies and ILUC.
  3. Food production:
    Production of non-GMO proteins as human food and animal feed, by using land converted to agriculture, not competing on land or water resources, we offer the polluting companies to become 100% environmental friendly, adopting the zero-emission economy, in a sustainable and profitable, effective, smart solution.

Potential Business Partners: Companies and brands who'd like to become 100% environmentally friendly.

Target Countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, UK, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, USA, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, India.

Company Info:

Year of Establishment: 2021
No.   of Employees:     5-10 

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    Import - Export, Joint Ventures, Representation, Franchises
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    Infrastructure, Energy, Water, Minerals and Environment, Food, Beverages and Catering
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