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Business Opportunity | Israel | 121510 | Joint Ventures | 4/20/2021

Water and Infrastructure

The water sector in Israel is expected to develop significantly over the coming years, with major engineering challenges expected.

The company is at the forefront of the water engineering industry and one of the leading planning offices in the Israeli water sector.

The company is looking for strategic collaboration with a water engineering firm, to address these challenges and meet the terms of local tenders. The tenders concern large and varied water infrastructure systems.

  • The international partner can participate and generate revenues from projects in the Israeli market that would normally be difficult to access.
  • The Israeli partner can increase the scope and variety of projects bid for by outsourcing certain parts of the project, thus also increasing revenue and profitability.

Interested parties who meet the above criteria will be put in direct contact with the client for further information and to begin a discussion.

Potential Business Partners:

  1. At least 20 years of consecutive operation as an engineering design company.
  2. Annual turnover of at least $10 million for at least the last 3 years.
  3. Staff of more than 30 qualified and experienced engineers with a seniority of at least 6 years (B.Sc. in mechanical Eng. and/or civil Eng. and/or water Eng. and/or sanitation Eng. and/or environmental Eng. and/or process Eng. and/or agricultural Eng.).
  4. Familiarity with BIM/Revit and at least 5 projects carried out using these tools. *
  5. Direct experience in planning/design of the following types of project:
    1. Concrete or steel reservoirs for drinking or reclaimed water.
    2. Earth and rock dam reservoirs.
    3. Reclaimed or wastewater treatment facilities.
    4. Pipelines *
    5. Impressed current cathodic protection systems. *
    6. Design of wells including pumping facilities. *
    7. Pumping stations. *

* Less important.

Target Countries: Spain, Italy, England, Germany, France.

Company Info:

Year of Establishment: 1998
No.   of Employees:       23 

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    Joint Ventures
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    Infrastructure, Energy, Water, Minerals and Environment
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