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Business Opportunity | Israel | 118812 | Export to Israel | 2/11/2021

Autonomous Drone in a Box

Nando is a drone-based autonomous platform that offers a wide variety of autonomic solutions. What this means is a drone that can perform reconnaissance and patrols autonomic allies – without any human intervention. The products depend on the specific needs of the client.

Still, such an advanced drone must require a skilled and expensive operator, right? Wrong. The hardworking team of our company has been experimenting, building and rebuilding until reaching a perfect fully independent docking and charging station, utilizing advanced technology and liberal thinking.

Once the site-specific parameters are fed in the platform system - the drone is completely autonomous in all of its functions, from launch to deployment, data capture, analysis, landing and recharging. A monthly or bi-monthly visit by one of our technicians is more than enough to maintain it in perfect operational conditions.

Potential Partners: Distributors in the field of security, technologies.

Target Countries: All countries.

Company info:

Year of establishment:  2015
No. of employees:         12



Opportunity Details

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  • Activity:
    Export to Israel
  • Branch:
    Electronics and Electricity, Weapon, Shooting Range, Security Equipment and Fireworks
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