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Business Opportunity | Israel | 115456 | Import From Israel | 11/10/2020

Unique Platform to Managing Workers' Safety and the Factory in Real Time

This Israeli company was founded back in 2015 and it was established to help managing workers' safety and the factory in real time.

The team combines experts in both organizational safety and artificial intelligence technologies, who relentlessly strive to crack the challenge of workplace safety.
This cloud-base SaaS (software as a service) platform uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically track massive data and connect silos of information, from the crowd wisdom on the shop floor, to machines, sensors, wearables and the organization ERP systems.

Industry 4.0 technologies are applied to converge massive data, evaluate the risks and recommend personalized safety actions. The company issues individual work orders, location-based warnings, unsafe situation predictions and even equipment use blocking if needed.
It has developed a synchronization and management system for the prevention of work accidents that integrates all the systems that operate the plant and makes the information accessible in a customized manner.

The system works on the basis of real-time reporting and documentation, alerts about changes in the condition of the devices or temperatures and thus maintains the safety of workers and the factory.

This platform helps manufacturers, chemical companies or oil and gas plants to prevent accidents, reduce risks and cut down costs.
Today the company operates in about 45 factories around the world, mainly in Europe, USA, China and Singapore.

The company's main customers are mostly from the fields of drilling rigs, fuel production, chemistry, shipbuilding and wharves, power plants and energy. In developed countries (USA and Europe mainly) the company's main customers are factories and medium-sized companies. In developing countries - aimed at large companies.

Potential Business Partners:

Distributors in the field of software implementation and the world of safety.

They look for connections to other customers in the industry that may explode Petrochemical plants, refineries, mines and shipyards (ports).

The company also seeks assistance in locating: resellers, distribution channels integrators focusing on segments of gas, fuel and chemistry.

The company is also nterested in collaborations with TIC (Testing, inspection and certification) companies.

Target Countries: Worldwide.

Company Info:

Year of Establishment : 2015
No.  of Employees:         40

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