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Business Opportunity | Israel | 115406 | 11/10/2020

Agricultural Products and Consulting

Our Group is an association between Latin American, European and Israeli partners, active in nutri-phytosanitary solutions for agriculture, crop managing and other areas in the agro-sector.

The Group's range of innovative products give added value as they are beneficial to both the distributor, who wants to offer a better service to his customers, and the farmer who wants an exceptional crop yield without the hassle of financial and environmental penalties.

Some advantages of the products:

  • Can be applied safely right up to harvesting time without leaving residual traces.
  • Speedy, real-time effect on overall crop health improvement.
  • Critical nutrients feed the plants without major leaching. Less applications are needed because the products can be mixed with each other to provide maximum effect. Formulations are polystable and low in salt.
  • High translocation efficiency of available nutrients.
  • Increases plant longevity.
  • All of the products follow EU highest standards and regulations while being safe to use without wasting the plant’s energy.

Even after 25 years of experience and hard work, our Group is still as committed as ever to a greener, innovative future in agriculture.  Our Motto is "Excellence in Service” and we offer all our customers a truly better option for unequaled quality and service.

Potential Business Partners: Private Farmers, Distributors.

Target Countries: EU, UAE, North & South America, Asia, Africa.

Company Info:

Establishment Year: 2007
No. of Employees:    12

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