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Business Opportunity | Israel | 114248 | Import From Israel | 10/14/2020

An Israeli breeding company seeks to collaborate

This Israeli company created a new method for breeding, which enables to breed non-GMO vegetables tailored to consumer's needs, saving time and money.

Sales began with the company's first product line, which is Sweet Seedless Peppers (SLP). Their commercialization strategy fits their unique varieties, with added values to consumers, retailers, and growers. They have been exporting since inception and are looking for cooperation under license agreement in Italy, France, Holland, Austria and South Korea.

Now they are engaged in the development and marketing of special vegetable varieties in global markets.

SLP is a combination of two natural components of pepper - Male Sterility and Parthenocarpy (the ability of the pepper to set fruit without pollination).

The SLP program is based on an exclusive license from Syngenta (patented technology) for 3 segments:  Small-medium conical pepper (Kapia type), Mini-blocky pepper and Cherry pepper.

The breeding itself is based on classic techniques of crossing and selection without any genetic modification (Non-GMO).

The ever-growing demand of consumers for improved quality of the fresh market tomato has led the company to focus breeding efforts also on the tomato products line,  towards the improvement of fruit taste by using genetic material that is quantitatively and qualitatively unique with respect to its sugar profile and acid ratio.

Therefore, they are about to launch a line of cherry tomato varieties with exceptional flavor and aroma as well as unique appearance.

Their innovative approach to breeding includes the use of artificial intelligence and machine-learning that enable acceleration of the breeding process, while improving the accuracy of the varieties' fit to various production areas and customers’ taste.

The company always respects and esteems its customers, providing the highest quality of material and services with guarantee of competitive prices.

The company launched successfully its SLP varieties in Israel, Europe, North America and South Africa in collaboration with leading growers, shippers and supermarket chains, such as Lidl, Mastronardi and Woolworths.

The fruits will be marketed in all markets under the company's own global brand names.

By implementing market-pull strategy with leading supermarket chains, shippers and category managers, the company is able to shorten time-to-market as well as position itself as a leader of high value products, profitable to all its partners along the fresh produce supply-chain.

They are looking for collaboration with big retail chains in Italy, France, Netherlands, Austria and South Korea.

Advantages and Innovations

Economic advantages

 Customers get full exclusivity for their product.

Using their unique breeding approach saves 40% of breeding costs.

 Using their model shortens the traditional breeding time by 50% (from 8-10 years to 4-5 years) which brings greater accuracy in defining the product.

  High flexibility both in breeding and go-to-market approach.

Their products are produced and supplied all year around, based on B2B business model and structure in a “closed loop” strategy.

 Their products have the potential to achieve higher yields based on genetics and/or a specific fit between scion and rootstock.

Tailor-Made Product

Clients will have the control over the product profile, defining their own product and choosing its unique characteristics.

 The product will be specifically adapted to client's production area.

Elite & Premium Product

 All their products are of high quality and each of them is one of a kind.

 They will cultivate the crop cooperating with their partners, securing high standard, quality and uniform product and will market it via exclusivity marketing channels.

They bring the highest production standards and structured growth protocol.


The Company is looking for: collaboration with leading growers, shippers and supermarket chains under license agreement in Italy, France, Holland, Austria and South Korea.


Established Year: 2017

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