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Business Opportunity | Israel | 114244 | Import From Israel | 10/13/2020

An Israeli family distillery produces finest alcoholic beverages

An Israeli Family Distillery Produces Arak, Vodka, Brandy and Wine out of Finest Ingredients is Looking for Distributors.

The arak drink that they produce is made from natural Syrian hand selected aniseed, 100% finest grape alcohol and purified spring water. The production results in a premium methanol-free arak.

Similarly, the wines are produced from carefully selected grapes and are fine aged and went through ageing in specially prepared French oak barrels to create desirable flavor and aroma.

Company’s fine grape brandy is distilled in small batches with a fine taste and aroma for those who understand, made from the carefully selected white grape varieties (Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc) grown in the Galilee region. The brandy is produced under supervision of one of the highest kosher certifications worldwide.

They also produce a high quality vodka that is free from any aftertaste and has a distinctively smooth and rich flavor. It’s manufactured through a traditional, meticulous process from natural ingredients, spring water, and extra quality premium spirits.

The company is looking for: Worldwide distributors for their distillery produces.

Year of establishment: 1949

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    Import From Israel
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    Food, Beverages and Catering, ענף המזון והמשקאות
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