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Business Opportunity | Israel | 113570 | 9/15/2020

Various types of labels & stickers

This is an Israeli company that manufactures and imports various types of labels & stickers for all marketing chains and is interested to collaborate with international manufacturers of thermal paper.

Advantages include a large diversity of products, customized service for a client as for branding, aiming to provide maximal quality for minimal price etc. 

The company was established in 2004. Since that time they have been manufacturing, importing and selling labels & stickers for all kinds of labelers, stickers for electronic weights, labels for pharmacies, and all kinds of thermal paper for ATM (Automated teller machine) & Cash register roll.

Today the company has the equipment to manufacture stickers for labelers and the most advanced weight labels in Israel. Every day the development of the next generation of industrial manufacturing is progressing.

The company also imports and distributes labels, thermal papers (for example, cash registers and credit terminals), encoders, stickers for encoders, labels for labels, labels for electronic weights and labels for deliveries. The company import comes in large quantities. They are one of the biggest distributors of known European manufacturers, for labelers in Israel, with the largest range of price labelers. The company clients include very big retail chains of food products and beverages, pharmacies and big healthcare service organizations, all marketing chains in Israel as well as drugstores and private business enterprises.

The company specializes in the development of Israeli consumer labelers, as well as marketing to a very large share of the Israeli market, as well as manufacturing and developing labels of all kinds, from raw materials.

In the future the company plans to become an importer of both finished products and raw materials. At the same time, the company would like to continue to import and market the remaining products in its portfolio.

Recently, the company has encountered a global shortage of thermal paper supply. They are now acquiring all possible supplies and are trying to locate new suppliers. The company is looking for manufacturers of thermal paper to cooperate under manufacturing or joint venture agreement.

The company is looking to cooperate with manufacturers of thermal papers under joint venture or manufacturing agreement.

Year of establishment: 2004

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    Wood, Paper, Printing, Packaging and Stationery
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