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Business Opportunity | Israel | 111015 | 6/26/2020

Bio-based solutions for the packaging industry

Product: unique sustainable barrier coatings for the packaging industry that are based on Cellulose Nano Crystals (CNC) and are environmentally friendly.

As the world continues to seek more sustainable packaging solutions, Cellulose Nano Crystals (CNC) is emerging as on the most promising green alternatives.

We are answering the need by developing unique sustainable barrier solutions for the packaging industry that are based on Cellulose Nano Crystals (CNC) and are environmentally friendly.

Barrier properties in packaging products are essential for protecting the packed products and are currently achieved by materials that are harmful to the environment such as aluminium foil and plastics

Our company has developed an environmentally friendly barrier coating for the packaging industry that can serve as a sustainable alternative and contribute to a circular economy.

We offer high performing oxygen, oil & grease, aroma and water vapor barrier coatings that fit almost any substrate and can be integrated into existing coating lines of converters, paper mills and packaging companies to achieve high barrier performance while increasing sustainable materials content.

Production: Our company produced the CNC itself through a unique patented protect process at a plant in Israel.  Then – We utilize the CNC to produce a unique formulas which uses as a barrier coating.

Out barrier coatings fit almost any substrate: paper, paperboard, plastics and bio-plastics.

Potential Business Partners: Packaging companies, converters, paper mills and/or retailers that have products requiring barrier properties and wish to replace existing harmful materials in their packaging proucts with Melodea's barrier coatings.

Target Countries: Europe: mostly Germany, France, England, Japan, Canada and USA.

Company info:

Year of establishment:  2010
No.  of employees:         18

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