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Business Opportunity | Israel | 109835 | 5/21/2020

Solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, bio-stimulant, micro-elements, NPK fertilizer, Humic and fulvic acids, Proffesional agronomic guidance

Our company produces bespoke solid and liquid fertilizers, in a wide variety of forms, based on:

  • local soil and water analysis
  • farmers’ requirements
  • agronomist’s recommendations

All in order to provide accurate and optimal nutrition for all agricultural crops.

One of our unique strengths is our flexible production line.

Along with our tailor-made liquid and solid (granular or soluble) complexes of N-P-K+TE+MgO+Ca,

We also have unique products such as Bio-stimulants and foliar feeding.

Few of our best sellers products:

  1. Homigreen Barak - Nutrient supplement, improves minerals absorption while enriching the soil with natural organic matter.
  2. Solimis Aviv – Premium soluble NPK fertilizer, produced especially for Chlorine sensitive crops
  3. Solimix Negev - Soluble NPK fertilizer, based on white Potassium Chloride.

We strive to protect the environment by preventing water, soil and air contamination; aiming for energy efficiency and recycling waste.

Our responsibility as a company for quality of service and environment safety, is demonstrated in each stage of the process, from the client´s order to product arrival, and meets international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

We aim to nourish the soil with minerals essential to the plant, resulting in our products being precise and specific for each crop.

Potential Business Partners: Distributors, Importers.

Target Countries: Italy, Portugal, Greece, China, South Africa, Zambia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Poland.

Company info:

Year of establishment:  2012
No.  of employees:        40

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