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Business Opportunity | Israel | 108158 | 3/12/2020

Communication, clound management, bonding technology

The company identified the growing need for connectivity in the rapidly expanding unmanned operations industry, with focus on drones.

Today, always-on connectivity is one of the most pressing challenges for BVLOS unmanned platforms operations, which require reliable, redundant, secure, high bandwidth connectivity.


The company offers advanced connectivity technology , ensuring reliable, secured, and high bandwidth, bi-directional data transmission from anywhere, to anywhere over existing network infrastructure, in real-time.

Introducing the newest, most innovative product so far.


We offer Communication Platform equipped with the world’s most compact, next-generation bonding technology, enabling always-on connectivity.


The superior connectivity technology provides secure, reliable, and stable communication through any IP pathway, making high bandwidth connectivity possible Anytime… Anywhere.


The company's bi-directional algorithm encrypts any kind of data and/or video, adds a VPN, and then divides the data into packets. The packets are then transmitted via multiple IP links (LTE, Wi-Fi, RF, SAT) to their destination where they are received, decrypted and recombined.


The company's service is available as either a standalone external device or a lightweight internal board, easy to install and perfectly designed for integration with leading OEM’s.

The device is miniaturized and extremely lightweight and enables multi IP pathway connectivity for seamless integration, without requiring any power consumption or cooling. Moreover, the company offers reliability & redundancy by automatically detecting failed communication channels and immediately transferring the data/video via an alternate available channel, in real-time and is equally well-fitted for data transmission on-the-move, or while fixed in place.

Potential partners: Distributors, integrators, resellers from North America

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