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Business Opportunity | Israel | 107229 | 2/13/2020

Technological and Operational Project Management services

Trizol - A liquid for cleaning and disinfecting

Trizol is a liquid with a neutral pH value, therefore there is no fear of skin irritation when coming in contact with the product

“Trizol” is used as a cleaning and disinfectant in the food industry, dairy and poultry farms, hatcheries, kennels and trucks for transporting poultry and agricultural produce. It is used for disinfecting surfaces, walls, conveyor belts, cooling and storage rooms, feed mills, food processing systems, trash rooms, garbage cans and systems which cannot be cleaned thoroughly, cleaning bathrooms and public areas of contamination, transport equipment, packaging equipment and boxes.



Contains quaternary ammonium, surfactants, cationic materials with high biocide activity.


Antimicrobial activity:

 “Trizol” is very effective against coliforms, listeria, staphylococcus, salmonella, and against a range of bacteria and viruses. It is also effective against influenza, distemper, Merick, Newcastle disease, citrus canker, and shigella - a bacteria which causes dysentery.

Likewise it prevents fungi, molds and other viruses.

We currently don't have capacity limits in producing it.

Proper certification will be provided when necassery.

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