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Business Opportunity | Israel | 100028 | Import From Israel | 6/11/2019

Paper Waste, Plastic Waste, LDPE/HDPE from Shredded and Washed Drip Pipes

The company deals with the implementation and development of solutions for the

conservation and improvement of the environment, through recycling and handling

various types of waste products. The value leading the company’s vision is its obligation to create a cleaner and greener environment for noe and for the generations to come.

The company's uniqueness is in handling the entire chain of value of the wastes. Beginning from the waste manufacturers, the company places various containers at their facilities, and lead these containers using its fleet to its facilities, where it handles the waste, sorts, separates and recycles it.

The company is certified with the following quality standards: ISO 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Among its customers are government facilities, local authorities, factories, public facilities and private customers.

Company's Activities:

  • Recycling, collection and transportation of various waste.
  • Separation systems management and waste removal consulting to factories.
  • Wastewater and organic mineral treatment.
  • Evacuation and treatment of contaminated lands.
  • Development of Green energy installations.
  • Destruction of special waste.
  • Management and operation of landfill sites.
  • Evacuation and treatment of poultry carcasses.
  • Construction waste recycling
  • Yard waste collection and crushing
  • Asbestos removal
  • Sludge treatment

The company specializes in operating landfill sites and recycling plants in which it collects, sorts and recycles paper and plastic waste.

The company owns 2 recycling plants located in the south of Israel:

  1. Plant for Recycling industries: Here dry paper and plastic waste from industrial factories and local authorities is treated, sorted and recycled.
  2. Recycling Site: where Plastic Agricultural waste is collected, sorted and recycled.

The company has extensive experience in exporting plastic and paper waste and in recent years, paper waste has been exported mainly to India.

The company is interested in expanding its customer base and penetrating new markets.

Potential Partners: Customers/factories/manufacturers that manufacture plastic and paper products and use plastic and paper waste in the manufacturing process.

Target countries: China, Turkey, Greece, Eastern European Countries, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and more.

Other information: The company has AQSIQ license for the export of waste paper and plastic to China.

Company info:

Year of establishment:  2007
No. of employees:         200

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    Import From Israel
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    Infrastructure, Energy, Water, Minerals and Environment
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