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Business Opp. | Translations | 6/28/2015

BR Translations

We, at BR Translations, are prepared to provide you with a fast and quality, as well as urgent, translation of any text you require in almost any language, making sure you receive the fastest translation service available on the market.

We specialize in the translation of websites, marketing materials, legal documents, medical documents, academic material, technical documents, software, and we provide linguistic editing and other services. 

We provide interpreters with professional international experience for any event where multi-lingual translation is required. 

Every translation undergoes pedantic quality control, which gives our clients the confidence that the job is performed in the utmost professional manner. 

Our translation department specializes in providing first class translation services from and to almost any language, among them:

  •      English
  •      French
  •      German
  •      Spanish
  •      Portuguese
  •      Dutch
  •      Swedish
  •      Danish
  •      Finnish
  •      Russian
  •      Bulgarian
  •      Ukrainian
  •      Croatian
  •      Serbian
  •      Slovak
  •      Czech
  •      Romanian
  •      Polish
  •      Turkish
  •      Italian
  •      Chinese
  •      Japanese
  •      Arabic
  •      and more...

We see to it that the service we provide is authentic and accurate and relays the original meaning. With our translators who are fluent in the translation language, as their mother tongue, and who are familiar with its culture, we want our readers to feel as if the translation was originally written in their language. Therefore, only our skilled and experienced native-speaking translators are able to meet our clients’ highest expectations. 

Confidentiality: Every document submitted to BR Translations remains the sole property of its owner and we maintain absolute discretion in its regard.

Contact us at:

BR Translations
40 Aminadav St. 
Tel Aviv, Israel 67228
 Tel: +972-77-335-0322 
Mobile: +972-54-5389-780
Fax: +972-3-542-6737
e-mail: contact@BRtranslations.com
 Website: http://www.brtranslations.com/

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