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ANGEL & ANGEL Certified Public Accountant

Our offices provide services to public bodies, government ministries/offices, authorities, non-profit organizations and private companies. 
The services fall into two major categories: accounting and auditing services, and consulting and management services.

Accounting and Auditing Services 

  • Auditing of financial accounting.
  • Internal auditing and forensic auditing.
  • Auditing and security of computerized information systems.
  • Budget auditing for business organizations and governmental bodies.
  • Auditing of local authorities and religious councils.
  • Auditing of fellowship societies on behalf of the Registrar of Fellowship Societies.

  Consulting and Management Services 



  • Consulting and opinions for the District Court and Magistrates Court in Jerusalem.
  • Consulting in accounting matters for the State Comptroller’s Office
  • Consulting for accountants in the framework of the “Hot-Line,” on behalf of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants


  • Financial consulting and economic feasibility studies.
  • Reputation and personal investigative due diligence, along with classic business investigative due diligence
  • Advice on submitting tenders.
  • Handling applications for grants from government ministries and public bodies.
  • Economic and tax consulting in directors insurance, pension insurance and provident funds.


  • Tax planning and consulting in business acquisitions, setting up businesses and special projects
  • Tax planning and consulting on a regular basis for individuals, companies and partnerships.
  • Planning and consulting in real estate taxation.


  • Consulting and setting up computerized information systems, characterizing needs and finding solutions.
  • Consulting and setting up computerized systems supporting the fiscal, human resources and administrative systems.
  • Auditing computerized information systems and consulting with regard to information control and security.


  • Day-to-day fiscal management at client’s offices.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Management of costing for the various functions.
  • Consulting and review of the business’s activity, feasibility and streamlining.



  • Internal auditing
  • Organization of the fiscal system.
  • Preparing recovery programs, writing procedures, improving work techniques and training workers.
  • Advanced bookkeeping techniques.


  • Direct communication to client – online relay of bookkeeping data.
  • Issuing a printout: trial balance, suppliers, customers and banks.
  • Management of accounts by projects, for the purpose of obtaining grants and reporting to finance officials.
  • Submitting current reports to institutions.
  • Making end-of-year accounting adjustments and preparing the material according to the accountant’s requirements.



  • Salary accounting for Israeli and foreign workers.
  • Application of labor laws in wage calculations.
  • Current and annual reports to institutions.
  • Issuing monthly and annual reports to the workers and employer.

Office Structure 
The head office is located in Jerusalem and coordinates all the activity in the center of the country; an audit coordinator assists with the activity in the Coastal Plain area and in the central part of the country, while an audit coordinator in Nazareth assists with the activity in the northern district. 
The office is managed by 2 partners, who oversee the professional work. Their resumes are enclosed herewith. 
The principal audit coordinators are as follows: 

Head office in Jerusalem
Auditor accountant Yossi Angel – professional seniority from 1972


Auditor accountant Miriam Goldfryd – professional seniority from 1988 
Center and Coastal Plain
Auditor accountant Ofir Angel – professional seniority from 1993


Auditor accountant Ezra Haim – professional seniority from 1997 
Nazareth and the North
Auditor accountant Vassim Issawi – professional seniority from 2000

The office staff rendering the service consists of professional workers at different levels, who are assigned according to the level of proficiency and experience required in each domain and subject within the range of specialties as specified above. 
We take great care to accord personal attention and to provide service that is customized to the client’s needs and requirements. 
We will be pleased to see you join the circle of customers that use our services. 
For clarifications and questions, please contact the undersigned at tel. 02-6535390, fax 02-6524494.

Always at your service. 
                                                                              Sincerely yours, 
                                                                              Ofir Angel, CPA, CISA, CISM

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