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Business development

Oryan business development experts for  
  • Foreign companies in Israel
  • Israeli companies for international markets

Our value proposition and what we are looking for

Oryan-Short overview 
Oryan specializes in the Israeli marketplace and works with both local and foreign companies interested in different business directions such as: 
  • Sales of their products and services in Israel 
  • Help Israeli companies in business development and sales in specific countries abroad 
  • Finding Israeli technologies or products (including due diligence and evaluation) according to requests    
  • Joint ventures with Israeli companies 
  • We are working with a few groups of investors to indicate investment's opportunities 
  • Any other direction which might emerge from customers’ needs and requests 

Our major advantage is that we deliver the results of new customers or business agreements and lead the entire business process from the first conversation or the first contact until the deal is done. Rather than just providing advices we do it all ourselves. 
Oryan's best practice 
The vast experience we have accumulated over 20 years in the field of technology makes this a natural market for Oryan. However, our expertise in business development, agreement signing and sales processes enables us to judge the relevance and attractiveness of every case, to see whether a company can truly benefit from our services and whether they have good chances of succeeding in Israel.

+972-528-528-582 Mobile 
+972-77-7664017 Land line
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