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CleanTech- February, 18-19

CleanTech 2014 is the 18th annual international event for Clean Technologies: environmental quality, infrastructures and green building, renewable energy and water technologies. The exhibition will take place at the Israel Trade Fairs and Conventions Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

The International Opening Session of CLEANTECH 2014 will be addressing the challenges of smart cities in the next two decades 

The International Opening Session of CLEANTECH 2014 on the Smarter Cities of Tomorrow will take place at “Avenue” Air Port city – the most modern and prestigious events and conference center in Israel, on 18 February 2014. 

This session aims at: Addressing the challenges of smart cities in the next two decades; highlighting smart city trends, technologies, services and applications; examining how technology and innovation will enable the smarter cities of tomorrow.

Some of the topics that will be discussed: Sustainable development and energy efficiency; Cyber security and data privacy; the role of the smart grid in the city; intelligent transport systems. 

Prof. Avner Adin, President of CLEANTECH 2014: "It is evident that more and more people live in cities. Thus optimizing the city’s infrastructure prepares the world for coping with future population growth. Focusing on urban water and energy management, using advanced technologies and strong knowledge centers, must become a strategy to be followed by planners, engineers and developers. We would like our urban communities to be healthy, to recycle, to conserve water and energy and to live comfortably surrounded by a beautiful environment". 
Urban performance is an enormous global issue at the moment, as the world is experiencing a period of extreme urbanization. In the near future, cities will account for nearly 90% of global population growth, 80% of wealth creation, and 60% of total energy consumption. Developing better strategies for the creation of new cities is therefore, a global imperative. 

Smart cities are a new style of city providing sustainable growth and designed to encourage healthy economic activities that reduce the burden on the environment while improving the quality of life of their residents. 
Social infrastructures, involving energy, water, buildings, transportation, and other elements, are indispensable factors for ensuring that the lifestyles of the people and businesses can be supported. All of these have to be established within short periods of time and in a way that makes them effectively useful in the future.
About CLEANTECH 2014:

The 18th Annual International Summit and Exhibition for Water Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Natural Gas, Recycling, Green Transportation and Green Building, will be held on February 18-19, 2014, at the "Avenue", Congress and Exhibition Center, Air Port City, Israel. More than 20,000 participants are expected to attend  the event, including missions from around the world. 

Though Israel is a small country with limited natural resources, it stands out as one of the most competitive economies. The country's market economy can characterize as advanced technology based and globally- oriented. Over the past two decades Israel has become famous for its high-tech capacity, particularly in telecommunications, information technology, electronics and science. Recently Israel has been focusing on CleanTech. There are over than 600 companies in Israel that can be defined as specializing in the CleanTech field.

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