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Israeli Service Providers

Israeli service providers

The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce has no less than 120 divisions for the different sectors of the economy, such as Legal Services, retail trade, export, import, capital markets, financial services, tourism, internet and media, business services, translations, etcetera. This list proves just how diversified and abundant the services sector of the Israeli economy is today.

From 1998, the number of employee jobs in the trade and services sectors increased by 357,000. Activity within Israel's trade and services sector is increasing significantly, its Output reached over NIS 270 billion and amounted to 66% of the business sector by product. Furthermore, there was an increase of 65,000 employee jobs in the trade and services sectors. Today, the trade and services sectors employ approximately 46% of the workforce.

If you are an international company who seeks business services in Israel local arena, please choose the category you are looking for and a list of various Israeli based companies will be available to service you.

The list below consists of Israeli companies, members of the FICC that offer services to the international Market.

If you would like to offer your business services in Israel to foreign companies, please contact us at chamber@chamber.org.il.

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